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  • Different Fogs

    Different Fogs

    I shot these photographs on a November day in the same general area, but then the light changed… The result is that I can clearly split them into two separate groups. Maybe it’s just me, but I think they convey very different moods. The “blue” images tell me about a cold, somewhat mystical quiet, while […]

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  • Foggy Mountaintops

    Foggy Mountaintops

    I got these shots as we were getting back from the Riva Waterfalls (wonderful, by the way). Rain was approaching and the low clouds interacted with the tops of the mountains, creating these beautiful, moody images. These mountaintops were a few kilometers away from us, so I had my zoom lens all the way to […]

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  • Chaotic Undergrowth

    Chaotic Undergrowth

    Woodlands are amazing, and undergrowth is just as beautiful. You can find moss, tiny plants, leaves… The colors are so good, especially in autumn, and when you add a shallow depth of field, the end result is a fantastic photograph. These shots are from the woods near the Riva Waterfalls in South Tyrol, Italy.

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  • Rivers and Waterfalls

    Rivers and Waterfalls

    Moving water is one of the hardest subjects to shoot in the landscape category, and that’s because of shutter speed. On one hand, setting a faster shutter speed allows to “freeze” water, but the image looks somewhat artificial and harsh – at least to me. Setting a slower shutter speed, on the other hand, can […]

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  • Braies Lake – Day 2

    Braies Lake – Day 2

    We were back early next morning, and by early I mean around 10. Luckily, the sun was barely peeking from the top of the mountains, so we didn’t miss anything. I wanted to see some fog on the lake, but it was absurdly cold (around 0°C / 32°F) so the air was crisp and clear. […]

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  • Braies Lake – Day 1

    Braies Lake – Day 1

    We went to the Braies Lake in late October, when the larch trees were already charmingly yellow. It was a bit late when we got there at around 4 PM, and the sun was just about to set behind the tall mountains that embrace the lake, but the light was so soft and beautiful! We […]

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  • Rock Rocks

    Rock Rocks

    Rock is just awesome. It rocks! It’s amazing how it changes color based on the light in different moments of the day. From the pink hues of sunrise to the orange tones of sunset… I find the shapes to be very stark and yet flowing, even organic at the same time. So, so beautiful.

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  • Autumn in Montferrat

    Autumn in Montferrat

    Having a late afternoon walk gives you access to many, many wonderful subjects, especially in autumn. The foliage and the color of the light are just amazing!

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