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  • Undergrowth Patterns

    Undergrowth Patterns
  • Forest Details

    Forest Details

    A walk in a forest is always wonderful. It’s relaxing, it smells good, and it can greatly improve your mood. But sometimes the light isn’t great to shoot trees or “woodland” photos. In those cases, I turn my attention to the countless little details around me. Moss, ivy, patterns, and little undergrowth plants. A long […]

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  • Among The Trees

    Among The Trees

    I love trees, but that was already clear. They’re so beautiful and unique! Here I found some trees that are even more special: these are actually plantations of mostly poplars and some birches. The interesting fact, however, is that these plantations do not yield fruit or wood, but instead they yield truffle! In Italian they’re […]

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  • Woodlands


    Woodlands: what a source of inspiration! These photos are all from South Tyrol, Italy, and they show how many details and interesting angles you can find in a forest. Also, I noticed that I shot all these photographs in portrait orientation. Why? I think it better conveys the depth of these scenes.

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