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  • Lake Tovel

    Lake Tovel

    Slightly lower in altitude than Lake Braies, it’s still a beautiful and easy place to visit. Fall was (and still is!) a bit late when we visited Tovel, so the larch trees were not as yellow as I’d have liked. Keep in mind that it’s quite crowded on weekends and holidays and there is the […]

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  • By The Lake

    By The Lake
  • Palude Brabbia

    Palude Brabbia

    This place was an ancient peat extraction area, but today it’s a wonderful natural reserve with lots of vegetations, ponds, and wildlife observation spots.

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  • Lake Viverone – Part 3

    Lake Viverone – Part 3

    It was a matter of ten minutes, maybe fifteen. Just as I thought that it couldn’t get any better, it did. The light just exploded, turning everything of a wonderful golden hue and painting sunbeams in the sky. Even the birds seemed to notice the very special conditions. The shutter couldn’t stop. I think I […]

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  • Lake Viverone – Part 2

    Lake Viverone – Part 2

    And then the light started to change over Lake Viverone! We could feel the sun becoming warmer and the light turning orange. I didn’t waste time and grabbed a few more photographs as well as another pretty standard panorama. I’m not sure yet, but some of these might be print-worthy shots.

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  • Lake Viverone – Part 1

    Lake Viverone – Part 1

    A few shots from Viverone in Northern Italy. The town and lake are tidy and somewhat “touristy”, but it’s still a very nice place to go to and grab some pictures. This was mid afternoon and the sky was pretty much grey except toward the West, where the sun would set in couple hours. The […]

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  • Braies Lake – Day 2

    Braies Lake – Day 2

    We were back early next morning, and by early I mean around 10. Luckily, the sun was barely peeking from the top of the mountains, so we didn’t miss anything. I wanted to see some fog on the lake, but it was absurdly cold (around 0°C / 32°F) so the air was crisp and clear. […]

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  • Braies Lake – Day 1

    Braies Lake – Day 1

    We went to the Braies Lake in late October, when the larch trees were already charmingly yellow. It was a bit late when we got there at around 4 PM, and the sun was just about to set behind the tall mountains that embrace the lake, but the light was so soft and beautiful! We […]

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  • Blue Monochrome

    Blue Monochrome

    Who said that monochrome images should only be black and white? I think that these images show that you can have a predominant tonality other than shades of gray and still get a very interesting photograph. Of course, these pictures show more colors than just blue, but I think that this technique is a valuable […]

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