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  • Winter Scapes

    Winter Scapes

    First landscape shots of 2023, moody and dark, just as I like them!

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  • Ricetto di Candelo, Once More

    Ricetto di Candelo, Once More

    See last time’s photos.

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  • Moody Saturday

    Moody Saturday

    These are a some images from a few weeks back when we went out a foggy and moody Saturday afternoon. Layers and lone trees are nice elements to include in compositions and I have to say that I love taking photos in these conditions!

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  • Almost Awake

    Almost Awake

    When I shot these photos, a few weeks back, the sun was already feeling warm. It was still winter, but spring was about to begin. The mood was that of a warm wait, as though nature was starting to prepare for the new season but was not not quite ready yet. Wheat fields had already […]

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  • Inferno Sunset

    Inferno Sunset

    There’s a panoramic viewpoint on a rooftop terrace in Moncalvo, Italy, and the views are magnificent by themselves. Add a fire-red sunset, and you get this kind of stunning photos. These colors are real.

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  • Foggy Night In Milan

    Foggy Night In Milan

    It was a foggy night in late January, and it was very cold. Yet, we ventured out downtown, and it was totally worth it. I really love how these photos turned out. Fog always creates a unique mood, diffusing light and adding a bit of mystery and depth to the scenes. This set continues my […]

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  • Among The Trees

    Among The Trees

    I love trees, but that was already clear. They’re so beautiful and unique! Here I found some trees that are even more special: these are actually plantations of mostly poplars and some birches. The interesting fact, however, is that these plantations do not yield fruit or wood, but instead they yield truffle! In Italian they’re […]

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  • Mid Winter Scapes

    Mid Winter Scapes

    There’s a phase of winter when trees are completely void of leaves and the branches stand out like fingers reaching for the sky. Despite the cold, the afternoon sunlight is golden and turns the somewhat barren landscapes into warm, dynamic scenes with eye-catching contrast between light and shadow. I might be wrong, but I find […]

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  • Cold Warmth

    Cold Warmth

    These shots make me feel as if the atmosphere is both cold and warm at the same time. The colors remind of spring, but it’s still winter.

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  • Black Frost

    Black Frost

    Black Frost means that nature is paused and everything looks muted. If you look closely, though, colors are there and details are just hidden beneath a thin layer of ice. It almost feels like ice is preserving, protecting the nature it embraces, waiting for the right moment to release it and let it bloom with […]

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