The Remake of A Photo

I find photographing the exact same thing multiple times a bit boring, but sometimes it turns out that it is necessary to scratch an itch.

I captured this image on a late afternoon back in november 2021.

Kissing The Sun – November 2021

It was the end of November, so the warm colors of autumn and the soft atmosphere were to be expected and made me really love the final image. It’s barely visible, but the photo has a slight motion blur due to the long focal length and the fact that I captured it without a tripod.

At any rate, I always felt like I could do better. Maybe it’s a self-esteem thing…

So, on a late afternoon in march 2024, I went to the same location and tried to capture the same scene.

Kissing The Sun, Again – March 2024

The light and the colors are very different, of course. The sunlight is harsher and it creates more contrast. The trees are a bit taller, obviously, and the crop is also a bit tighter at 190mm instead of 140mm.

I’m satisfied with the new photograph, which doesn’t have any motion blur.

That said, I don’t know which image I like the most. I love the softness of the first and yet I love the contrast of the second.

I like the soft fall colors of the first and I like the white flowers on the trees of the second.

I can say that I like them the same, but for different reasons.

Both photographs convey the atmosphere of the season when they were captured, and that is a great thing.

So, probably, this isn’t really a remake because the conditions aren’t the same, I guess? At any rate, I might try and shoot this scene again to explore the possibilities given by changing seasons.