Chaotic Undergrowth

Woodlands are amazing, and undergrowth is just as beautiful. You can find moss, tiny plants, leaves… The colors are so good, especially in autumn, and when you add a shallow depth of field, the end result is a fantastic photograph. These shots are from the woods near the Riva Waterfalls in South Tyrol, Italy.

Rock Rocks

Rock is just awesome. It rocks! It’s amazing how it changes color based on the light in different moments of the day. From the pink hues of sunrise to the orange tones of sunset… I find the shapes to be very stark and yet flowing, even organic at the same time. So, so beautiful.

“Desert City”

It took me a while to get back to these images and try and edit them. Black and white seems quite appropriate… It was May 2020. We were getting out of hard lockdown. It was the first time that we could venture downtown. It felt so strange. There was hardly anyone around. Seeing Milan so… Continue reading “Desert City”

Star Trails Experiment

A while back I tried to do a star trails photo, and this is the result. I only managed to get about 240 25-second shots before the battery died (which is an awesome result!), so the trails aren’t very long, but I like the result anyway. I used StarStaX to combine the photos, but I… Continue reading Star Trails Experiment

The Dying Town

Civita di Bagnoregio – aka The Dying Town or La città che muore in Italian, is a jewel on top of a crumbling hill in central Italy. It’s a magical place. Getting there is somewhat hard, because there is a long, steep bridge to cross exclusively on foot, but once you do get there, you… Continue reading The Dying Town

Blue Monochrome

Who said that monochrome images should only be black and white? I think that these images show that you can have a predominant tonality other than shades of gray and still get a very interesting photograph. Of course, these pictures show more colors than just blue, but I think that this technique is a valuable… Continue reading Blue Monochrome