Connecting To The Real World

Over the past few years I noticed a trend in my habits that I find ineresting.

I observe a lot. I dwell on details. I constantly look around myself.

That happens even in mundane situations, like while commuting or when waiting for food in a restaurant.

It is all a by-product of photography.

Photography forces me to look for compositions and to observe, and that seems to happen even when I don’t have my camera with me. Photographing something requires to first notice it, so I started noticing things in “real life”.

It is a very good thing, because it helps me to stay connected with the world. I actively try to be aware of the present moment. I see a lot of things happening around me. I observe people, vehicles, dogs…

The world is packed with interesting things, and photography allows me to enjoy them more – even when I’m not taking photos and I believe that’s a great thing.