New Zine: Drops of Life / MMXXIII

It took me a good while to get to this point.

Last year I put together the first issue of what I wanted to make a yearly zine – not really knowing what would become of it. It was a digital edition with the option to make a physical one (update 2023-09-27: it’s now available in print format!).

This year it’s a physical magazine and it’s printed on demand via Blurb Lulu. The premium magazine quality is very good. The feel in the hands is pleasant. The colors are perfect. The size is just right.

The images sequence makes sense: I worked very hard on it!

I included location information for all the images at the end of the magazine because information should be shared, not held back and hidden.

I’m so proud of this work.

You can get your copy of Drops of Life / MMXXIII today.

Why This Title?

I didn’t want to tell a story with this zine. It would be too long and maybe boring. In the Drops of Life series I want to present specimens of urban life in my hometown Milan, Italy. I hope they convey a general feel of what life looks like here.

No words, just images. Feelings and sensations with no explanations.

Why Lulu?

Above all, it’s a print-on-demand company. Yes, this kind of service usually costs more per copy than having a batch of books printed by a traditional printer, but I was not ready to commit to that kind of investment. Plus, they handle shipping!

Moreover, for this kind of product, print quality is very good and, all in all, the cost is still reasonable. They also print somewhat locally to the destination, so shipping and import fees are minimized. Delivering this zine from Italy to the US would cost a fortune!